Friday, 16 April 2010

Creating a little cat cusion

I've been asked to create a little cat cushion for my friends mums birthday. I'm excited because I love making cushions with animal designs. She would like oranges, yellows and browns and some floral fabric. I've created two cat cushions, which are on my Esty shop, but they are both darker colours. I'm looking forward to making a more summery bright cat!

I've been looking around for some inspiration and have come across so many lovely designs....

I came across these lovely magnets by Paper Pumpkin when I was thinking about an orange/yellow/brown colour scheme. These have all the right colours but are still lovely and natural looking, not too garish!

I love this vintage fabric bird by leJeune. It's so sweet! I want my cat to look as perfect as this little bird!

These little cats are also lovely and use vintage fabrics! They're by
Jane Foster and have such cute faces!

I'm inspired! Off to get started!
Emma xx


  1. I love your chicken creations! Very cute!

  2. Thanks Lida, I was inspired when the chicks at the city farm where I worked hatched! We've got ducks incubating just now! Can't wait!

  3. HI Emma - I didn't know you were a crafter too! Lovely things you make! I'm following you on Twitter now too!
    Hope everything is going well on the farm - when is the produce stall open by the way?

  4. Hi Juliet,
    Nice to hear from you. The stall is open every day 10-4, it's occaisionally closed when volunteers don't show up! Thanks for following me on Twitter.
    Emma x